Thursday, October 28, 2010

November is Adoption Awareness Month!

So, November is fast approaching and there is plenty that we as a community can do to raise awareness for reform! If you do not know, I started a group on Bloggers Unite that is aimed to do just that. If you have something to say about adoption, I encourage you to sign up by clicking the button above. (you can also add teh button to your own site or blog, just scroll to the bottom of the page on Bloggers Unite and grab one!) Come Monday, I ask that you write a post about what you would like to say about adoption, or how you are advocating for the rights or wrongs of the system, then post it to the page so that when folks click on the link they can read all of the thoughts there are about this vast community in which we are involved!!!!

Don't be shy...pass along to friends or anyone you know who has something to say about adoption! We are all just drops in the ocean, but it is those drops that can make a difference when all are gathered together!