Thursday, July 29, 2010

July/August Giveaway of The Best For You

There are many new followers here and you may not know that I like to do giveaways of the book from time to time.'s time again! IN celebration of my upcoming milestone birthday, I am hosting a giveaway on my Facebook Fan page. Easy to enter:

Visit my Facebook Fan page. (just click the word Facebook to go there)

Join if you have not already.

Leave a comment in the Giveaway status, you'll see it if you scroll down the page ... look for "Giveaway for August!"

I am asking, what was your favorite part about your adoption, any part! Feel free to be as open as you like.

If you want more chances to win a signed copy of The Best For You, then suggest the page to friends and have them enter as well.

This Giveaway ends the day I turn 40, August 7th.

If there are 400 fans by August 7th, I will sign and giveaway THREE copies of the book!!! Hope to see you all there!