Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Song For My Children

There is one song that when I hear it, I think that it was made for me. Music can take you back to so many places in your mind, and this one just puts me back in the hospital when I spent those days holding those beautiful babies. The lyrics, the all comes together to explain, as songs often do, what I felt in my heart all those years ago. May it bring you a smile, and may my children remember it just like I do everytime they hear it. With so much love to all three of you....Kelsey

Iris, Goo Goo Dolls


MrsPerrbear said...

Oh Kelsey,

Way to go!!! I have a whole playlist of adoption songs in my heart, and for some reason this one never came to mind, until you pointed it out! What a beautiful song, and what a valid point. I googled the lyrics again, just to review...and wow...teary now.

"Can't fight the tears that ain't coming", "bleed just to know you're alive"...each line has so much meaning!

Especially, "When everything's made to be broken-I just want you to know who I am..." What a fitting line for one of the most beautiful voices out there. You have touched so many that are broken (I can never tell you that enough) and I am so GLAD that you have shared your Birth Mother Voice to let us know who YOU are.

Your children are so lucky to have the original Braveheart as a part of them, as are all of us who benefit from your wisdom and insight!

Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

"And I don't want the world to see me,
Cause I don't think that they'd understand..."
Those are the words that immediately stood out for me, I thought 'Geez, that is perfect for how I feel." All those months that I hid behind my smile, knowing that my heart was so heavy. Not many can understand that kind of loss. And I am the type of person that would rather show a smile than a tear.

You continue to humble me my friend. What words, what accolades you give me. I am so glad that I have the gift of expressing myself the way I do in order to reach so many who just want to konw that they are not alone in the journey.

Thank you and definately add this to your list...I think you should post that list sometime and let us all know what moves you! Bet it's good!