Thursday, March 4, 2010

March, my least favorite month of the year

I used to love Spring! One of my favorite seasons of the year where things begin to show new life, the sun became a little warmer, the gloom of winter melting away in a new light. What a beautiful time of year. That all changed in the year of 2000.

March of 2000 is when my mother died. It was sudden, it was shocking and it left the largest hole in my heart that I have ever felt. I have faced loss IMMENSE before in life. My adoptions are a testiment to that. However, loosing my mother was such a significant pain that I am still, all these years later, feeling my heartache. I have never written about her in detail. I have never shared the journey that she took in life. I have never told of the inspirational soul that she was to so many that knew her. I have never written about the profound loss that she felt being the mother of a birth mother. I need to tell her story, and I plan to do that over the next couple of weeks through a series of blogs that will tell a very significant part of my story that makes me, me.

Tune in tomorrow for the beginning, and I promise I will not disappoint you with her amazing story!


Sally Bacchetta said...

Aw, Kelsey, I'm sorry for your pain. I'm looking forward to reading whatever you choose to share, because I know it will be beautiful and moving. Keeping you in my thoughts!

Campbell said...

When I first saw your post title I thought what?! How can March be anyone's least favorite month?

Just wanted to tell you I look forward to reading about your mom. I too carry an ache in my heart for my good sweet dad and my so loved little brother who have both died in the last 5 years. I tell myself it's a small price to pay though to have had such important, loved people in my life. I miss them.

Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

I thank you ladies for your very kind words. I believe that this will be quite healing for me and my hope is to show just how much having someone in your corner, no matter what may come along, can make all the difference in one's world.

When I think of her I am reminded how lucky I was in life. She truly was an extraordinary woman.