Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just ... Peaceful

It's been one of those weeks. Content. Happy. Peaceful. Fulfilled.  Most of all, loved.

I had conversations with all of my adopted children this past week. Most of those conversations included laughter, lots of laughter. Those amazing young adults have such wit and I would like to think it is genes. After all,  I am pretty funny myself. Just kidding, but wait ... Who cares what it is! I talked to them. How amazing is that?

People told me it could not be done. Naysayers told me for years that there could never be a day when I would have a relationship with all of my adopted children. Never one to believe that line of thinking, I told them that I had hope. I always made sure that the lines of communication were open and here we are, twenty years later, technology that is in our living room and I have the ability and honor of chatting with them whenever the need or mood should stike us.

I say blessings. I say good plans that were followed through and lead to what is at the core of all good relationships: Communication. I cannot say that enough. Whether it is through snail mail, email, pictures, anything ... communication can lead to wonderful things in adoption. I have proof. I am living it. And it is AWESOME!

Not those life shattering conversations (you know the ones that REALLY mean great things?), but rather just little remarks and funny antidotes of what life is like. No need to complicate it all, they know they can ask me anything and I will answer to the best of my abilities. It is the casualness of the chats that we have that is so thrilling for me.

Little by little, I get to know them more. Hear their minds. See their hearts. I could not be any prouder of the individuals that they all are, and I think they know exactly how I feel about them ... as well they should. They are fortunate to have had the wonderful and understanding parents that they had, and I too am thankful that I did not scare the hell out of their parents with my "Hey! How ya doing! What are they up to? What do they like to do? What is their favorite colors? ... food? ... toys?" This week, I have been very thankful for them all.

Know what else has made my week fantabulous??? My children, Bo and Chase. They are two of the sweetest little guys you could ever meet! They both wrote me letters of love for Valentine's Day. They did not cringe when I showed up at school as Veronica Valentine dressed in crazy colors with hearts on me that screamed their names. Instead they embraced their crazy mother and relished in the squeals of the kids as I delivered candy to the classrooms as my alter ego. Both boys allowed me to take a nap the day I had a raging headache, keeping themselves occupied and quiet. Tons of kisses I received, most of them were on the cheeks because both have been quite sick at one point or another over the last 7 days. I have heard I love you Mom with no prompt, no ulterior motives attached. I have felt love ... deep sincere love from very pure hearts that teach me every single day what life has to offer.

Yes, this past week has been a very blessed one, and I am all about the blessings! Thank you to all of my children for accepting me for who I am, what I am and what I want to be! I love you!


Deanne Hamlette said...

Love this, Kelsey! Open adoption is a blessing and I appreciate your openness in sharing your journey with us.

Not Just A Birth Mom said...

Isn't open adoption amazing when done right?

Cat's Litterbox said...

You are so cute!!! Love the heart costume... you're such a fun mom. I'm so impressed that you're able to have relationships with all of your children. It gives me hope that open adoption is amazing and something that can be beautiful well into the future.

Thanks for sharing!!!

Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

Thank you ladies for chiming in, and YES! you are all right about open adoption! When all sides can communicate effectively it is wonderful and quite fulfilling!