Sunday, August 15, 2010

Money Talk

Money. It is a sore subject when it comes to adoption. Many feel that the entire experience is a transaction and nothing more. Many feel that adoption is an industry that sells babies. Many feel that it is the folks with the most money, the best backing financially, those people will have the full house. People argue it all the time, how much things cost ... how many times they have to do studies and file fees ... how all the ads for So and So Services is nothing more than a means to lure young girls into the lair of adoption to give their babies away for a price ... on and on and on.

I read all of this and think to myself, wonder how this makes adoptees feel? To read or hear people say that they are bought and sold like a trinket, to speak of how much things cost to bring them home. If only it could be about the kids getting good homes, or women getting help when they need it in their lives. I do not like reading about the money, that should have nothing to do with bringing a child into your life. Nor should it be assumed that money is the reason some folks try to help the process. I am sure there is more that I could write (I have before), elaborate on some points (like I always do), but the biggest point is all this arguing about it has to make adopted children/tween/teenagers/adults less than happy, and everyone should take that into consideration. (keeping it short)


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Sassy Christian Momma said...

I totally agree with everything you wrote! My husband's adoption was not a transaction- nor was my child's adoption one. when people bring up cost it really just irritates me and makes me think that $$$ is more important to them than we thought! I will never bat an eye at cost b/c there is NO price Tag you can put on having an addition to your family! Thanks for writing this:) I hate it when i hear people complaining too!