Monday, May 17, 2010

Adoption Crush, Her Words Not Mine

So, since my journey into blogging began, I have been witness to a wide array of voices in the adoption world. I came across The R House early on and was impressed with the humor and humanity with which Mrs. R writes. The first post I came across and read was about a scammer, a first hand very insightful look at heartbreaking deception from the eyes of a hopeful parent. I read all the posts and then added her blog to my daily list. I came to love her sense of humor in so many ordinary every day things. (Her disappointment in Conan O'Brien's departure from NBC was one of my personal favs! I LOVE COCO TOO!!!) So when I reached out to her and asked if I could be included on her blog, perhaps a giveaway or something, her response was fantastic. She called me her Adoption Crush. She gushed how she would love to read my book and gladly do a giveaway. I was honored and thrilled that she was interested.
And without further gabbing, here is her view of The Best For You...and you can enter to win the giveaway!!

Mrs. R's Fantabulous Giveaway/Review/Public Display of Affection


MrsPerrbear said...

I love Mrs R. And although I didn't enter the contest (because I already own your AMAZING book) I did leave a long comment on how much I love it!

Amanda said...

Hey girl! I know you're pretty busy, but I nominated you for an award, and I hope you are able to take part in it: