Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Mother She Never Knew

Jackie Oddo, left, recounts the story of looking for her birth mother as her newfound cousin, Mary Lynn Illos, right, listens. Illos and other relatives welcomed Oddo into the family when they met her.
Sharon Cantillon / Buffalo News
Found this story and thought it was quite unique. What an amazing family to embrace this woman and share with her the mother she never knew. If you have time, please read. I was overwhelmed by this statement:

"Illos was bursting with emotion. "It was almost like a gift because it took away my mourning and grief," she said. "It was like I felt hope. I felt excitement. That, 'Oh my gosh. There's a piece of Marsha left.'"

Read story here .... and thank you to Maki Becker, News Staff Reporter at for shedding light on such a touching and significant story!
Grief bears a gift of joy ~ Town of Tonawanda